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About this Board
« on: November 13, 2014, 09:04:17 AM »
This Board is for the discussion of 'faith' matters in relation to any religion, denomination, tradition or philosophical viewpoints - but from a specifically 'faith' perspective and not from a 'the divine does not exist' perspective, where we will treat instances of the latter as a derail

All members are free to participate in line with the ethos of the Board, which is that the emphasis is on the detail of what different faith views are and any contrasts or comparisons between them. Those opening threads here are asked to make clear in their OP whether the thread is about something fairly specific (such as a particular piece of scripture or doctrine) or if they expect that the discussion will be more wide-ranging, since again this will assist in identifying derails

Members who have no interest in discussing the faith aspects in line with the ethos of this Board are free to take any points raised here and explore them further on one of the other Boards.

Please note that any obvious derails will simply be removed and members who persistently derail can expect to be warned.

Update: Although few posts from this Board are ever reported there is clearly now an issue where some threads are veering into wider discussions/challenges that are incompatible with the stated ethos of this Board (as noted above).

There is need to deal with this, since otherwise the intention behind having an area where faith-based discussions can occur without undue digressions will be compromised and, also as noted above, it is the case that any issues raised here can be freely discussed from other perspectives on one of the other Boards.

Therefore, please note that in future posts made here will be more closely monitoring and any that are considered to be contrary to the ethos of this Board are likely to be deleted. 

Further Update: I posted the following in a thread on this Board, and I'm adding what I said here for reference purposes.

Update: I have removed the most obvious examples of posts in this thread that were clearly outwith the ethos of this Board.

Let me add, for clarification, that this Board is open to all members and not just theists. However, the aim here to to have a focus that isn't about there being no basis for theism and is about discussing different perspectives within theism. Exchanges here can be 'robust' - but, and please note, posts that consist of little more than sniping retorts (for want of a better term) will simply be removed.

Those wishing to take a different approach regarding matters raised in any of the threads in the Faith Sharing Area are free to do so on one of the other Boards.
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