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Re: The theory of theories
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Dear Thread,

A very interesting thread, no it does not help me understand string theory or quantum more clearly but it does help me understand the minds of the scientific community more clearly.

My theory and yes it is a theory, not your common or garden hypothesis, a strong theory, why! because of one glaring fact, scientists are................wait for it...............wait for it!! Human.

Whilst reading through Sanes opening link and trying to understand what all the chuntering was about ( oh and by the way I think that almost every post on this thread is covered in the article, I think ) this paragraph stopped me.

The methods science use in evaluating any theory, any hypothesis are fine, the scientists who are just like us, are prone to all sorts of human failings, sorry, every sort of human failing.

Just because a theory is beautiful does not make it right, hell! I am beautiful but nine times out of ten I am wrong, but just like the scientists I will focus on the one time I am right, why, because I am human.

According to the Atheist in Chief emeritus.....AKA...BlueHillside. Nobody is allowed to intuite anything and yet here we see the word intuition in a piece about science.

I'm fully and justifiably expecting him to come down from the astral plane or wherever he is these days to denounce intuition in science or I shall suspect special pleading.
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