Author Topic: 'Sheffield students paid to tackle racist language on campus'  (Read 208 times)


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Re: 'Sheffield students paid to tackle racist language on campus'
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I take your points quite happily, and as long as the sessions are completely voluntary. I think it is a good idea
It certainly seems to be an entirely voluntary programme according to the Univ Sheffield piece.

, although I personally would not limit this to challenging offensive comments directed only at black, Asian and minority ethnic people.
I agree and I suspect his programme is a companion piece to work already ongoing to challenge similar behaviours that affect people based on gender and other characteristic, such as sexuality. Particularly on gender there has been action in place in Universities for many years now, under the so-called Athena Swan banner. Action on bias on the basis of race has been somewhat further behind.

And, as I have already stated, perhaps the programme should also include ways to avoid misinterpretations (which may be a result of personal bias on behalf of the recipient, for instance) because such interpretations may well be completely unjustified.
I suspect it will as the programme seems to be based around conversations and dialogue and those discussions are likely to shake out misinterpretations, which can often be based on differing cultural background and norms.